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Ayrton S25 WildSun

Ayrton S25 WildSun

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Equipped with 217 ultra-powerful RGBW mono-chip LED emitters, this technologically innovative marvel is the most powerful moving-head LED wash fixture on the market today. With overall light output of 60,000 lumens, it rivals the 2,500 and 4,000 W HMI luminaires fitted with colour filters, but with far greater flexibility of use and lower maintenance. Its four-colour mixing is based on an ingenious arrangement of emitters combined with a holographic filter, which creates an infinite palette of pastels and saturated colours. LED emitters are distributed over six 60° segments. Colours in each 36-diode segment can be controlled individually.

We ensure our equipment is maintained to the highest standard, ready for your next event. Our experienced team of account managers, project managers and technicians are ready and waiting to help you create the perfect video and lighting experience.

  • Light output: up to 60,000 lumens
  • Moving-head operated via either 8- or 16-bit resolution
  • Moving-head range : 540° (pan), 245° (tilt)
  • Sophisticated 4 colours RGBW mixed, reaching high Colour
  • Electronic dimmer, allowing perfect light adjustment from 0 to 100% without colour variation
  • White or colour strobe effect, with speed adjustment from 1 to 25 flashes per second
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